“Everyone Teaches” (A Freewrite Post)

You may have noticed the title of this blog already: “Everyone Teaches” You may be assuming already what the whole point is: we’re all teachers!

Yes, but there is a little more to the title!

Teaching is more than just spewing out facts and expecting your students (if you’re a licensed professional teacher) or your friend/pupil/child to get what you’re talking about. Its an active process between the student and teacher. The teacher gets to learn about how their student feels, thinks, and processes and then can use this to find a best solution to teach the student. The student in turn receives some information and uses this to move forward in their journey towards instruction. At the same time, the student learns quite a bit about their teacher’s feelings, thinking, and mental processes either through direct modeling, storytelling, or unconsciously picking up the cues and body language the teacher exhibits.

Sounds a lot like communication, eh?

Teaching is an ongoing, continuous process. You don’t need a license to teach somebody a new thing (unless you’re like me and teaching children as a profession and a passion!) as we are a social species. Teaching one another is what builds human civilizations all over and is based on environmental, cultural, and social factors. Everyone teaches, but to their own unique ability.

I hope you enjoyed this little blurb. My next blog post will be coming soon! Let this little post serve as a transition of sorts. 🙂

In the meantime, I got lunch duty with third and fourth graders. Happy teaching, everyone!


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